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Frostbite and Broken Necks

My mother tells me that she spent most of today in the emergency room after my father was taken to it in an ambulance because while he was out running he tripped over a dog and fell on his head on the asphalt. His head is all scraped and bruised, as is the rest of him, and apparently he just laid there on the pavement until the people whose house he fell down in front of came home and found him laying there, and he told them who he was so they called an ambulance and put a blanket over my father because it was a cold winter morning, and he said his neck hurt so they thought he should not move in case it was broken. Anyway, then they walked down the street to get my mother and announced, "Hey, your husband is lying in the street bleeding in front of our house! We called an ambulance to see if he broke his neck!"

Yes. Er. So my mother came, and the ambulance came, and it turns out there are no broken bones and he'll be fine. The biggest health threat was that since he was laying out there in the cold winter morning for half an hour or more, the cold lowered his body temperature something drastic, like fifteen degrees or somehing, and he was all numb and the doctors spent two hours trying to warm him up with warm IVs and such. It all sounds quite horribly unpleasant. The things is, I've fallen on asphalt twice in the past year and yes it is horribly unpleasant and I did go to the doctor one of the two times and I still have scars from both of the times, but I was always able to pick myself up and hobble inside within five minutes or less. I am disturbed that my father just laid there. Of course, his head was bruised and scraped whereas my head was not hit that hard either time, just enough to knock my glasses off and smear dirt on my chin. Possibly that made the difference. Also possibly he is just old and is not able to get back up the way I can anymore. But I hope it is not that, because that explanation is more disturbing to me. I'm clumsy, see, and I fall down on asphalt more often than my father does. If by the time I'm 58, all my falls on asphalt are going to leave me lying in the street for half an hour unable to get up until some passerby comes home asnd finds me there and calls an ambulance, I think I shall never live to be 60.
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