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Another of Those Boring Jeremy-Adoration Posts

So I was thinking . . . Jeremy has now lasted longer with me than either of my two previous sexual partners did. I had already left both Justin and Flame by this point in time. And I would leave Jeremy too if he were annoying like them, but since he's The Ultimate Perfect Human Being Who Never Annoys Me at All, I rather think I shall keep him instead. And although I'm now going to drive to my parents' house today and eat a dead turkey, I think the odds are even pretty good that he'll forgive me for that and choose to keep me as well.

Actually, yesterday evening, between this post and this comment and then a Twilight Zone episode along much the same lines, I was left suddenly rather more disturbed at the prospect of losing him in a rather worse way. That needs to very much not happen either. Jeremy, if you ever kill yourself I shall . . . um . . . break up with you! So don't you dare even think about it.

No, really, life is okay as long as I remember to turn off the TV right away after Star Trek ends, before The Twilight Zone starts.

Eek, I just noticed I should have gotten in the car and started driving six minutes ago. Time to go do that now.
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