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Funeral Rites

Today I formally accepted the death of my longtime partner FrontPage Express, who was murdered at the hands of its parents the Microsoft Corporation, and I gave it an official burial in which I uninstalled its corpse from my computer. Then I got so emotional in my need to escape the painful memories of its demise that I scrubbed its fingerprints off every single thing it ever touched, by using BK Replace Em (excellent freeware utility, by the way) to remove all its "[meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage Express 2.0"]" tags from all my HTML files.

But it still left behind 70 invalid registry entries, most of which I found and fixed with EasyCleaner (another excellent freeware utility), but there's still a dead "Edit with . . ." link on the right click pop-up menus for all my *.htm and *.html files, so I think I'll have to fix that one by hand with regedit.exe. What a mess.

I also had another "get acquainted" session with the two programs competing to replace it, Arachnophilia and HTML-Kit. But I'm just not at all attracted to either of them, so I think I'll still be scouring the personals for better software companions for quite some time.
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