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Because Often Knowledge Is More Likely to Equal Bliss Than Ignorance Is

noog is my official Adored Person of this evening. I'd go found a Church of Noog, but since she already has an adriennefanclub I guess that might be redundant. Everyone should go worship her though. And I should go finish that one-paragraph long beginning of a snail-mail letter I started writing to her.

Anyway. I'm in a mood to dispense random bits of pleasant helpful information right now. The first random bit of pleasant helpful information is that noog is fabulous. The second random bit of pleasant helpful information is that the following really cool things can now be read directly from your LJ friends page:
News: alternatenews, bbcnewsworld, cnntopstories, commondreams, saloncom, slashdot, theonionfeed, theregister, wiredtopstories, yellowtimes

Comics: boondocks, calvinandhobbes, dieselsweeties, dilbertdaily, doonesbury, foxtrotfans, garfieldfans, jaketherake, modrnwrld_comic, sinfestfeed
Plus, you can find an even longer list of such things on the Syn_Promo Community Userinfo Page. (Not all of the comics I listed above are RSS feeds, but it's the same general idea - you get to read stuff from other websites without ever having to leave your own LJ friends page.)

The third random bit of pleasant helpful information will only be helpful or of interest to any of the currently 61 people who have me on their LJ friends lists whom I do not have on my LJ friends list. I'm sure that some of you care more about reciprocation than others, but just for the record, for those of you who really really want onto my friends list, there is a note at the end of my userinfo page which provides a way for you to get on it. On the other hand, if you don't want to that badly, that's fine too. At some point I shall have to alter my admissions rules to better keep the numbers down, but for now I'm still just flailing around wildly unable to think of any better way to handle things.

This has been quite a pleasant evening; everyone is doing wonderfully nice things for me, except of course for random very rude total strangers whose opinions are irrelevant anyway and cannot possibly damage my pleasant evening. Thank you, everyone, and good night.
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