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Last Time We Had Weather This Bad in California, It Turned into Killer Tornadoes When It Arrived on the East Coast

So the nice company I work for has this annual thing where they give us a day off in December for "holiday shopping time." Although I certainly appreciate the free time, something about going shopping on the specific say that my workplace allocated for that purpose just makes me feel way too much like an obedient lemming, so I always strive to go shopping on a different day.

This year, my designated "holiday shopping day" is the upcoming Monday, so I hurriedly did all my shopping today instead. Since the weather is so atrocious today (cars are having to avoid whole lanes on major streets because the lanes have been transformed into massive three-foot-deep lakes), there wasn't even any very noticeable increase in crowds. The only thing that didn't go perfectly is the very first thing I tried to accomplish on the excursion - delivering a large envelope to the post office for lm. I wanted to take it to the post office not only because my apartment complex does not have an outgoing mailbox anymore but also because I'm not positive how many stamps I would need to use. However, the post office is closed; apparently they're having their own "holiday shopping day" this weekend too.

Perhaps I shall just stick a bunch of stamps on it until I figure I've put enough on. But then I'd still have to go drive around in search of a mailbox since I haven't got one at my place of residence. I'll probably just drive to the post office again on Monday.
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