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Yay for Snail Mail

I have received a snail mail letter from Noog! The envelope amused me terribly, because she addressed it to "Mr. Gayle S. Madwin, Esq." She then proceeded to write a great many pages full of flattery for her Girl, so I shall now seek to earn brownie points from Noog by mentioning this fact where her Girl (or shouldn't it be Grl?) will see it.

And in the meantime, LM is supposed to have received an envelope from me. The nice lady at the post office promised me it would arrive by now.

. . .

Um, I had my television on tonight for Enterprise and there was a commercial for Jack in the Box that went something like this:
BOY: Dad, how are girls different from boys?
DAD: Uhhh . . . well, girls like to dance, and they love unicorns, whereas boys like meat and eating at Jack in the Box.
I don't think I've ever eaten at Jack in the Box even once in my life, but I must say that when they're running commercials like that, I most certainly don't intend to start. I mean, they just officially announced that over half the population is not welcome or catered to at their establishment. Who the hell came up with that brilliant marketing strategy?
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