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Feminism & a Genoa WTO Protest Update

Remember that horrible police violence at the anti-WTO protest in Genoa, Italy in July 2001? There were frightful pictures on the Indymedia website of walls covered in so much blood that there were numerous areas splashed solid red in shapes bigger than an entire human body. Well, now an internal investigation has revealed even more of what the Italian police did wrong, and that the police in question were trained in Los Angeles, and the American corporate media are making no mention at all of this.

Also, this is a pathetic revelation of how ridiculing the entire male population should not be mistaken for feminism. You don't make people into decent human beings by teaching them that the mere possession of a penis automatically renders them idiotic jerks. If you want to make people into decent human beings, it would be helpful to show them other decent human beings who do possess penises, heap praise upon those decent human beings, and explain to all the less-decent human beings that if they too learn to behave so decently, they too will be rewarded for it with greater appreciation from everyone they know.
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