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Gayle's Theory on Encouraging Safe Sex

The big reason that the whole effort to make people protect themselves from STDs has not had greater success is that both the condom use advocates and the abstinence-only advocates are leaving the basic cultural fetish for the exchange of sexual body fluids unaltered. Sure, people know in the smart part of their heads that it's unwise to do such things, but the less smart part of their heads still usually considers the idea of at least eventually exchanging body fluids with somebody to be appealing. This does not need to be the case. You want to really stop the spread of STDs? Okay then: just start broadcasting commercials that ridicule all exchange of body fluids as being some utterly disgusting sexual fetish with all the appeal of, say, eating your lover's snot.

In no time at all, unsafe sex would become something people could barely manage to stomach the idea of doing just once a lifetime for the sole purpose of reproduction. In-vitro fertilization clinics would experience a sudden surge in business.
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