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September 11th Was Financed by a Specific Foreign Government, and the U.S. Government Doesn't Want Us to Know Which One

pomobarney just brought The Memory Hole to my attention - it's a site that resurrects political information that was previously published on major websites and then deleted when the information started making those in power uncomfortable. For me the most interesting article is Senator Bob Graham's revelation that classified information not yet revealed to the American public very clearly implicates a foreign government in assisting the 9/11 terrorists. No one in power wishes to specify which foreign government that was, but personally, since numerous other articles had made it pretty clear that Pakistan's ISI should at least be considered to be under very major suspicion of having been involved, I'm definitely betting that Pakistan is the country against which the U.S. has top-secret evidence of September 11th terrorist assistance.

Most people - even most leftist, pacifist people - currently seem to be under the impression that Bush is mostly just a blithering idiot who just can't figure out who is to blame for September 11th so then he decides to take advantage of the situation to fulfill his random urge to blow innocent Iraqi civilians' homes and children to bits. Although that would cetainly make him plenty horrible all by itself, it's really vastly more disturbing to be informed that Bush has already been given very clear and detailed information explaining that a particular government planned and financed September 11th, and that Bush has chosen to withhold from the American public the information about which country that was, so that he can bomb Iraq and Afghanistan while doing absolutely nothing to the government which actually did carry out the September 11th attacks as an act of - yes, it does in fact turn out to have been an act of war after all.

Not that the innocent, non-terrorist civilians of Pakistan or any other country deserve to have their homes and children blown to bits either. But I do believe that the government itself and the high-level officials within it who planned, financed and carried out the mass murder plot should have something done to them to prevent such attacks from being repeated. And currently, that is not happening. And BUSH KNOWS IT, AND HE CHOOSES TO KEEP IT THAT WAY.
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