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Poll, Blatantly Plagiarized from Smurfchick

Plagiarized absolutely verbatim, because she's just so much cooler than me that I can't possibly improve upon it. People who've already told their dirty secrets to her are free to be annoyed at me for interrogating them with the same damn questions all over again.

Poll #98451 Dirty Secrets Poll

Have you ever cheated on a significant other? Tell!

Have you ever stolen something from a store? Tell!

Have you ever stolen something from a person? Tell!

Have you ever REALLY wanted to kill someone? Tell!

Do you HATE anyone? Who?

Say a mean thing about someone on your friends list.

Say a mean thing about your significant other.

Okay, tell me something else that's dirty.

Of course you only have to answer the questions that you /want/ to answer.
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