Gayle Madwin (queerbychoice) wrote,
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I Don't Seem to Be Allowed to <3 You, But I Still X You, Anyway

My email service is being evil again and it appears I cannot send pictures. Or else they get sent twice, or other such irritations. Blah. Much annoyance. Little square boxes with 'X's through them to show the picture didn't load do not make excellent Valentine's Day email decor! And I refuse to resort to those tacky e-card services, so I guess I'm just stuck with plain text.

Anybody sending me e-Valentines this year shall receive a quaintly old-fashioned black-and-white plain-text reply! Now more people than ever will send me Valentines, just for the delight of my stylishness. By special request, I can even insert square boxes with 'X's through them for you!
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