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The U.S. Government's Complete Lack of Public Relations Common Sense

"The Bush administration believes that it is one vote shy of having nine of 15 votes needed on a U.N. Security Council resolution giving Iraq an ultimatum to disarm, two senior U.S. State Department officials said Wednesday.

These officials said the administration will focus its diplomatic energies on Mexico and Chile to secure their backing.

President Bush has spent much of the last week on the telephone, lobbying council members to support the resolution.

"Bush and [British Prime Minister Tony] Blair are attempting to do whatever it takes to get the Latins to commit," one U.S. official said."

"The Latins"????????


Do these people have absolutely no clue whatsoever how to be inoffensive to those they want to win over to their side?????? If they needed votes from two random nations anywhere in Africa would they talk about how urgent it is to get "the black people" to vote for them???? If Mexico and Chile needed to get votes from the U.S. and some random other country with mostly white people in it, like, oh - let's say Bulgaria, since they're a nice obscure country that is in fact taking sides on the Security Council with the U.S. and against Mexico and Chile . . . do you think top government officials in Mexico and Chile would group together these two and only two countries, the U.S. and Bulgaria, by talking about the importance of getting "the white people" to stop doing what they're currently doing?? Or don't you think that the top government officials in Mexico and Chile would have a sufficiently clear understanding of the difference between races and nations to realize that France and Russia contain mostly white people too and that the U.S. and Bulgaria really do not have a great deal in common?
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