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Abused 4-Year-Olds

[This entry was posted as a private entry and remained a private entry for nearly a year afterward, in order to avoid contributing to the preschool-style bickering by causing even further offense, but was eventually opened to public viewing because (a) the issues it pertained to have long since subsided, and (b) nobody's likely to read back this far in my journal anymore anyway.]

My past two months have been spent in an almost nonstop act of biting my tongue the whole entire day and week and month long to avoid screaming at various of my closest friends. I am still doing it. And my tongue is badly bloodied now, nearly bitten through. I want to have friends, not a crowd of abused 4-year-olds to whom I have to teach all the basic rules of social behavior and responsibility and self-discipline from scratch!

It's not that any of them are evil people, either. Not in the least. It's just that they're, well, abused 4-year-olds. Or 21-year-olds, really - but small difference between the two, as far as I can see.
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