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Very few people have skin quite as pale as mine, and for that reason, very few people's bruises show through their skin in all the colors that mine do. I get quite a lot of bruises, not only from walking into things (I am clumsy, and I do not wear my glasses when at home) but also just spontaneous bruises that constantly arise unprovoked. The unprovoked ones are typically distinguished from the ouch-I-bumped-into-something ones by two prominent characteristics: (1) the unprovoked ones do not hurt, and (2) the unprovoked ones are brown colored, whereas the ouch ones are bold wild swirls of red, purple, green, yellow and blue.

My current bruise, however, has broken all the rules. I felt a sudden soreness in my knee when I had been doing nothing but sitting still; I looked down and felt the painful spot wondering what had happened and why I felt all bruised. Ten minutes later the four inch long monstrosity you see below began to reveal itself through my skin.

It actually stopped hurting after the first hour or so, which bruises from bumping into things certainly never do. However, it's the most outlandish-looking bruise I've seen in quite a long time, and the ability of my body to spontaneously produce such elaborate works of art without any physical force having been applied to the area in question is sort of disturbing.

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