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Ultimate Ultra-Masculine He-Man Brain

Hmm, according to this test, I possess the Ultimate Ultra-Masculine He-Man Brain. Or else I'm autistic, and not even a particularly "high-functioning" autistic at that.
Your EQ score is 13. You have a lower than average ability for understanding how other people feel and responding appropriately. Most people with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism score about 20. On average, most women score about 47 and most men about 42.

Your SQ score is 49. You have a higher than average ability for analysing and exploring a system. On average women score about 24 and men score about 30. Most people with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism score between 40-50.
The thing is, the tests didn't really make any effort to judge my actual abilities; they only inquired into my own estimation of my abilities. So possibly I'm merely delusionally convinced I'm autistic. But then, here I am analyzing the structure of the test itself! Hmm. Perhaps I should see a doctor about this autism of mine.
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