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Survey from Jason, Minus the Boring Questions

1. What color are your kitchen plates?
When I first moved out on my own, I bought two plates which both had pictures of an apple, an orange, a pear and some grapes on them, and two matching bowls which just have the pear and the grapes. Recently, however, I broke one of the two plates, so I actually only possess one full-sized dinner plate anymore. However, since moving out I have also acquired two plain white miniature dessert plates (I bought a whole bunch of them when I was experimenting with painting on plates, but I was displeased with the impermanence of the ceramic paints I had bought, which chipped off terribly easily, so I ended up throwing away the painted-on plates and just keeping two plain white ones that I never got around to painting on), plus two blue bowls, one purple swirly bowl, and a bowl with leaves painted on it.

2. What book(s) are you reading now?
I just finished reading the play Equus by Peter Shaffer (which was deeply excellent) and am now almost finished reading Volume One of Caryl Churchill's collected plays.

3. What's on your mouse pad?
The words "QUEER BY CHOICE" across a rainbow triangle. As seen here.

4. Favorite board game?
I kind of liked Othello. I remember I was playing Othello with my brother the night right before he came down with chicken pox, though, and I was terrified of having been infected with his chicken pox . . . I was sixteen at the time, almost seventeen. I never did get chicken pox, though. And a few years later the FDA finally approved the chicken pox vaccine and I rushed out to get it, so now I shall never get chicken pox! I was terrified of chicken pox my entire life; it seemed the worst disease in the whole entire world. Now, of course, I shall just die of SARS instead.

5. Favorite magazine?
I've never met one I really like.

6. Favorite smell(s)?
Orange blossoms.

7. Least favorite smell(s)?
Spinach, bell peppers, brussels sprouts, green vegetables of every kind.

8. What was your first car?
Silver '89 Nissan Sentra, purchased from my parents for $1,000 in February 2000, which I then traded in for my current silver '01 Nissan Sentra last May.

9. If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?
Adolf Brand, founder of the first queer-rights periodical in the world (The Self-Owner, which was published in Germany from 1896 to 1931) and the second queer-rights organization in the world (The Community of Self-Owners, founded in 1903). He was adamantly opposed to the "gay gene" notions being espoused by Magnus Hirschfeld, who founded the first queer-rights organization in the world (The Scientific Humanitarian Committee, 1897) and the second queer-rights periodical in the world (The Scientific Humanitarian Committee Annual Newsletter, published from 1899 to 1923). Magnus Hirschfeld is now widely remembered as the founder of the modern queer-rights movement, whereas Adolf Brand has been carefully excised from history. For obvious reasons, I take Adolf Brand as my forerunner, not Magnus Hirschfeld.

10. Favorite alcoholic drink?
I don't drink alcohol and never have.

11. Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
I don't eat any part of broccoli, nor of anything else green.

12. If you could have any hair color, what would it be?
I really like black hair, but it would look absolutely ridiculous on me unless my skin color were changed as well. I didn't get lucky . . . my father and his mother and both his brothers and my brother all inherited the black hair in the family, but I'm very much paler and it wouldn't work on me. So failing that . . . my own hair color is fine, or if it were redder than it is, I wouldn't mind that either. But my own is not bad. I'm just relieved not to have ended up blonde. Nobody in my entire extended family is blonde though, so I was spared all risk of blondeness. I would have absolutely loathed being a blonde.

13. Have you ever been in love?
Quite. Still am, in spite of getting nothing in return for it.

14. Favorite authors?
Kobo Abe, James Baldwin, Amy Bloom, Edwidge Danticat, Umberto Eco, Peter Høeg, Christopher Isherwood, Milan Kundera, Chang-rae Lee, Li Yu, Audre Lorde, Norman Mailer, Ian McEwan, Anchee Min, Haruki Murakami, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Arundhati Roy, Salman Rushdie, Gertrude Stein, Leo Tolstoy, Gore Vidal, Alice Walker, Banana Yoshimoto . . . I could make this list very much longer but you would get sick of reading it.

15. What's under your bed?
A roll of masking tape, some notes on my unfinished novel, and an unsent 30-page letter to my high school English teacher, dated June 6, 1999.

16. The best places you have ever been?
I don't really get into places. I always prefer my own bedroom over anyplace else.

17. What screen saver is on your computer right now?
At home: blank screen. At work: rainbow pipes.

18. Do you know someone right now that you could fall in love with?
I hope so. Actually, I probably could with half a dozen people, but I'm not sure whether it would be a good idea. It would probably just end up alarming them all. Alarming one person at a time is enough.

19. What did you do yesterday?
Worked. Went to grocery store and bought three high-intensity 40-watt lightbulbs. Observed that the woman who parked her car next to mine, followed me into the grocery store, purchased one tube of antibiotic ointment and one Snickers bar, got in line right behind me and was never more than teen feet away from me at any point during our shopping trip, was sort of attractive. Wished she would follow me home in her car, but lost sight of her while driving out of the grocery store parking lot. Came home. Put one of the lightbulbs in the reading lamp next to my bed. Made pasta-roni garlic alfredo in microwave. Sat on bed eating pasta-roni garlic alfredo while reading Caryl Churchill plays by the light of my reading lamp. Intermittently checked LiveJournal for new entries. Fell asleep for a few hours. Woke up just before midnight, wrote postcard to Jeremy regarding Salam Pax, deposited postcard in mailbox, came back inside and went back to sleep.

20. What's your favorite food?
Heavenly Hash ice cream, microwaveable pepperoni pizzas, pasta-roni and cornflakes.

21. Where do you see yourself in twenty years?
I'm not sure I want to think about that. Primarily, I hope I will have found a way to not have to go to work anymore. I want to make my living writing books instead.
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