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"No Doubt the Arab/Muslim World Is Impressed by this Display of 'Democracy,' 'Freedom,' 'Due Process,' and 'No Cruel or Unusual Punishment'"

U.S. Soldiers Strip Iraqi Thieves Naked and March Them Through a Public Park with the Words "Ali Baba - Thief" Written Across Their Chests
U.S. Forces Make Iraqis Strip and Walk Naked in Public

This has barely been mentioned yet in any English-language news articles (the two above are the most I've found), but annaclaire showed me the original Norwegian article referred to (complete with photos) and translated some of the Norwegian for me. The title translates to "We Took Their Clothes and Burnt Them Before We Pushed Them Out with 'Thief' Written on Their Chests." Click the link to see the photographs. The Norwegian article quotes the U.S. soldiers saying that they've used this "disciplinary technique" before and they plan to use it again.
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