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Look, I'm Famous!

Um, does anybody here read the Utne Reader? They just contacted me to inform me that they mentioned me in the latest issue of it, and they're going to send me a copy, but now I'm dying of impatience to find out what they said. They never tried to contact me ahead of time; in the past when people have wanted to write about me they've asked for an interview. Maybe this was such a brief passing mention that it didn't call for any level of depth.

The longest-lasting former love of my life, Christine, used to read the Utne Reader back when we were in high school. If by any chance she still reads it, perhaps she'll read about me in it. I don't know for sure whether she even knows about my website's existence; we stopped speaking a month before I got the idea of founding the mailing list in 1999. She'd definitely recognize me, though, if she saw any mention of it - even despite the name change. I actually suspect she's already discovered me though, because I got instant messaged my an anonymous person two years ago who spoke with her speaking patterns.

Anyway, I want to know what the Utne Reader said immediately. I'm technically a member of Cafe Utne, but I don't actually participate; I just made a few posts there about two years ago and haven't been back since, and I don't think whatever mention they made of me in the latest issue would be posted on there anyway.
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