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I'm currently engaged in a volunteer project called Build Mikie an Online Social Life. It involves telling Mikie how fantastic you all are, to convince em to add people and get to know them. I have been writing immense lengthy dissertations on the wondrousness of each of you. But Mikie is very resistant to most of my glowing recommendations, so maybe it would work better if you all just added Mikie yourselves. Um, it would help if you speak Spanish, though, because Mikie insists upon using eir journal as a place to practice Spanish - an odd language for a genderfree person to choose, I must say, and I insist it's all a classic antisocial ploy to try to scare people off. ;-)

Aside from that, the other major project I am currently engaged in is called Manage to Acquire Pretty Clothes Despite the Fashion Industry's Hideously Unacceptable Tastes. This project involves purchasing lots of plain fabric and thread and sewing my own pretty clothes, since none of the clothes sold in stores these days look anything like the pretty pictures in my head. I think I need to acquire a sewing machine too, though, or else it will take me ten years to finish making anything. I've been working on the rainbowification of my new white skirt nearly every day for about two weeks now and I'm still only halfway done.
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