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Sudden Magazine Fame

Last week it was the Utne Reader staff contacting me, this week it's Curve Magazine. Hmm, I seem to be famous lately. Apparently the latest issue of Curve contains a review of my website, and they're sending me a copy of the magazine so I can read the review. My copy of the Utne Reader hasn't even arrived in the mail yet!

The concept of being "reviewed" makes me wish that I'd updated the thing a lot more thoroughly and recently than I have. It's been several months since I last ran the link checker on it, so if you look hard enough, probably at least ten of the external links scattered around are dead by now. And there's also a minor CGI script problem with one of the search boxes which you only discover if you run more than one search in a row. And I haven't updated the member profiles section in ages. And and and and . . . help, I have stage fright, I didn't know I was going to be reviewed!

I have no idea what the review says. They just told me they're sending me a copy. I suppose Curve readers have no great need to hear the minute technical errors pointed out, so the reviewer probably just reviewed the general concept of the site instead. Still. "Review" is a scary-sounding word.
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