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What Sex Ed Should Be Like.


A Woman Who Is Worried Her Husband Might Leave Her If She Loses Her Looks Has Insured Her Face for £100,000. Clearly her sex ed class omitted some massively important lessons about love and human dignity.

Oh, and remember the "Hidden Biases" tests that check for racism and sexism and other such things by making you click words and pictures in rapid succession? There are 60 more of them at Project Implicit. So far I only took five of them: "Your data suggest a slight preference for ATHEISM relative to RELIGION"; "Your data suggest a moderate preference for TEA relative to COFFEE"; "Your data suggest little or no preference for European American relative to African American"; "Your data suggest a moderate preference for SOCIAL PROGRAMS relative to TAX REDUCTIONS"; and "Your data suggest a moderate preference for FLEXIBLE relative to STABLE."

Actually, I've never tasted either coffee or tea in my life - though I do dislike the concept of coffee more because I associate it more strongly with caffeine addiction. And really, personalitywise, I'm way more "stable" than "flexible," myself.
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