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Euziere Interviews Me

euziere interviews me:

1. Have you had any experiences with intentional communities?
For one semester in college there was a "no males allowed" lesbian and bi women's group on my campus, which I helped found and attended all the meetings of, but really only because I and my other co-founders got credit for a "term project" in our Women's Studies class by founding a women-only campus group. If the class credit hadn't depended upon excluding males, I personally wouldn't have felt any desire to exclude them, so that was almost more of . . . well, it was an intentional community, but it was the Women's Studies professor's intentions rather than my own intentions. More recently, I would call my queerbychoice mailing list (founded in May 1999) an intentional community, because even though anyone who chooses to join is allowed to, choosing to join is a certain commitment to being interested. Even LiveJournal friends lists are a sort of intentional community, because even though everybody picks their own, we can all exclude anyone we feel like from our own.

2. How do you manage to read 158 friends and 56 communities? This is something I've always wondered about large friends lists - I can barely keep up with my much smaller one. :P
First of all, I don't really read the communities unless they're on my friends list. I just join them as a sort of way to bookmark them, so that I'll be able to find them again later if I happen to want a second look. I do read every entry on my friends page (I never filter them) but there are actually only 126 separate people on my friends list [Update: No, only 118 now, because I removed eight people today] - the rest are dead/alternate journals of the same people, comic strips or RSS newsfeeds (I don't subscribe to a newspaper, and if you do then you probably spend a lot more time reading it than I spend reading the selected components of it that are on my friends page), plus a few fairly low-traffic communities (antigender, queerchoice, sacto_queers, tommaso, transvestism, unitedradicals). As for how I manage that many . . . I'm never ever away from a computer for long, so I don't get far behind, and . . . well, I really don't know, because back when I only had 50 friends I didn't think I could ever possibly find time for a single additional one either, but then I just somehow did. When you're sufficiently motivated, you can do almost anything! The growth rate really has slowed down significantly since getting to 150 though, so perhaps there are limits after all.

3. What's the best restaurant you've ever been to and what did they serve you?
Um. I'm not a good person to ask about food; I don't have a lot of interest in it and I haven't eaten at any restaurant in probably a year, or several years if you don't count going to lunch with my coworkers. When I do eat at one it's invariably cheap. To be honest, my best memories of food not eaten at home are from when I was very little and my grandparents took me to fairs or baseball games and bought me things like cotton candy or hot dogs.

4. How many IAT tests have you taken?
Just the ones listed here; I posted the results for all the ones I've taken. Oh, plus a year and a half or so ago I took all the ones here and posted my results on those, but I don't remember the exact date of that journal entry.

5. Do you expect to choose to make future changes to your sexual preference/orientation in the future, or are you comfortable where you are?
I've occasionally vaguely considered becoming exclusively lesbian, so I wouldn't be completely shocked if I considered that more seriously someday, but I think it's considerably more likely that I'll continue being satisfied with the same sexual preference I've already been satisfied with for the past eleven years.
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