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Who is the greatest American?

Over the last few days BBC News Online readers across the world have posted nominations for the greatest American ever, as part of a BBC-led global debate on the US's place in the world.

Homer Simpson: 20.74%
Martin Luther King: 16.69%
Abraham Lincoln: 16.45%
Thomas Jefferson: 10.01%
George Washington: 8.56%
Franklin D Roosevelt: 7.30%
Benjamin Franklin: 6.47%
Mr T: 6.07%
Bill Clinton: 4.93%
Bob Dylan: 2.79%

4547 Votes Cast

Disclaimer: This shortlist is made up from the 10 Americans who received the most nominations by an open public online vote and does not necessarily reflect the views of the BBC.

I don't know whether to applaud them for ridiculing Americans so thoroughly or be incensed that having a penis is clearly the only major requirement to get on the list.

And I have a bad feeling that the reason Homer Simpson is beating out Martin Luther King is that more people identify with him. Which is horrifying in itself.
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