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I'm apparently being interviewed about Queer by Choice issues on The Derek & Romaine Show on SiriusOutQ radio this Friday, June 20th, during their 9:00-10:00 Eastern Time hour. You can listen to it online if you feel like it. I just hope my voice isn't as shaky as it was in the last radio interview I gave.

. . .

redskiedmorning has traumatized me just now by encouraging me to search google for studies claiming that bras cause breast cancer. Please, someone assure me absolutely positively that these studies are discredited. I don't have enough time on my lunch break to do anything but frighten myself.

. . .

I am attempting to arrange for Mikie to visit me in August, but I have to obtain the necessary vacation time from work first, and the person who's normally in charge of granting vacation requests is never at work anymore (she recently had a baby, and only comes to work twice a month or so these days) and the slowness of the process in her absence is severely provoking my impatience.
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