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On the Accusations of "Not Caring" Being Hurled at Every Pacifist on LiveJournal

I've never lived in a war zone before. It's not what I expected. I guess I always just thought if there was a war on American ground I'd die in the first volley of bullets. I didn't picture living through it.

It astonishes me how much people go on trying to behave just as though the planet weren't planning to finish killing itself within the week.

And if one more person responds to my pleas not to kill any more innocent people by accusing me of not feeling the pain of the Americans who died and the ones who are grieving, I think I may grab the nearest cardboard-cutter of my own and make them feel the pain of the innocent civilians in the Middle East who they want to murder.

What kind of an American can accuse another American of not feeling the pain of this terrorism? What kind of an American can imagine that any American could possibly not feel the pain of this terrorism?

Maybe it's they who aren't feeling the pain of terrorism as deeply as I am - how else could they imagine that anyone could possibly not care the way keep accusing me of not caring?

But no; that's a circular, self-defeating argument, obviously, so I'll have to abandon it. I just don't know what else to think. How can anyone even dare accuse any American of not caring when all our lives are at stake?

Fighting words, those are.

Maybe Americans will all just kill each other in a spontaneous civil war over how we should go about stopping terrorism. We can spare the terrorists any more trouble that way.
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