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What I Did on My Holiday Weekend

Today I drove to visit rhekarid for the first time. This marks the second time in my life I've ever met an internet person offline, and the first time in my life I've ever met an internet person offline not for sexual purposes. It was admittedly somewhat less exciting than meeting metacarp last year - but uh, if the lesser excitement will prevent it from suddenly wreaking severe painful utter destruction upon both our lives six months from now, this is not necessarily a bad thing. (Especially since I already have sapphiretrance lined up for my next foray into sex. :p )

So, yes. rhekarid has a whiny overly exciteable dog, a marvelously tolerant cat, longer fingernails than me, an awful lot of legos, a kitchen table covered with Christmas decorations, a talent for inventing exotic bread recipes involving sweet potatoes, a lack of knowledge of the ages or birthdays of any of his family members, and a strange Japanese videogame involving a crossdressing nun. I think this is a fairly sufficient summary of my visit.

. . .

Saturday was my little brother's 23rd birthday. This mostly just involved very weird pet behavior. My parents' new dog (Nike) thinks he's a cat, and licks himself all day and licks his front paws and rubs them on his face like a cat, but one of their cats (India) thinks she's a dog and rolls around in dirt and mud outside all day long, and then she comes back inside and flops down on the couch completely brown (her fur is black) and covered with stickers, and no one has ever seen her lick herself at all in years. When placed on my father's lap she will spend hours licking his knees, but she still does not display the slightest willingness to lick her own fur, ever.

But I think the weirdest part was my mother telling me that one day she said to the dog, "Nike, fetch India!" and Nike ran downstairs and over to India and stood nose to nose with India apparently thinking over how on earth to go about fetching her, until my mother said, "Okay, that's good enough, you can come back now," and then he did.
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