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The Problematic Institution of Marriage

I hear an awful lot of people lately, most of them male, stating that they will never get married because marriage is prostitution and would be unacceptably contrary to their feminist convictions.

Yes, well. I'd just like to mention that to whatever extent marriage is prostitution, it follows that merging finances without a marriage certificate is just prostitution with less job security for the prostitute. And having sex without merging finances at all doesn't help either - it just takes away the one career (prostitution) by which females in this culture have a decent chance of gaining access to similar amounts of wealth as males have. Sure, it's thoroughly deeply disturbing that prostitution is the only avenue by which women do have that access, but nonetheless: taking away the one avenue available does nothing whatsoever to benefit women.

If you want to benefit women, you have to provide more avenues for them to acquire wealth, so they won't be driven to resort to prostitution. If you want to benefit women, lobby on behalf of the Equal Rights Amendment or other legislation to equalize male and female salaries. If you want to benefit women, strive to please your female partner better, contribute equally to all the housework, and do not allow your larger salary to cause you to treat her like a prostitute who has to go out of her way to please you unequally in order to get her share of your money.

And it isn't that I think every male has a feminist duty to rush out and marry a female instantly, either - but unless your female partner earns more money than you do so it's actually to your financial disadvantage to refuse to get married, just please quit the pretentious claims that your refusal to get married is any kind of feminist act. Your pretentious claims are hogwash.
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