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Furniture Remodeling

Tell me: what do you do with your free time when your ISP won't let you online?

To give you some hint of what I did with mine: I'm currently typing this into a keyboard which is sitting on my lap, and the monitor is perched on the kitchen counter. That's because I took apart the desk it used to sit on, and the pieces of the desk are now piled outside on my balcony.

With a lot of spray paint on them.

Not that this didn't desperately need to be done. You see, for the past oh, ten months or so, my computer keyboard and monitor had been perched on a desk of rough, unfinished wood. That's because some ten months or so ago, once upon a time when I had a desk with actual finish on the wood, I once placed a cold beverage on the desk without benefit of a coaster (I don't own any coasters to begin with), and when I picked it up again I discovered that the finish on my desk had all wrinkled and started peeling where the beverage had been. Well, okay, it was a really cheap desk to begin with, made of particle board with some fake wood design stuck on top, and that stuff is easily damaged. I got the desk for free from my workplace, and when you're given a desk for free you can't expect it to be really high quality.

Anyway, I have this bad habit of getting really really obsessed with any tiny little flaw in things. I have many times been known to destroy entire book covers all because of a one-millimeter tear in them, unravel entire watchbands all because of a single loose thread in them, or, yes, sand the entire finish off of numerous pieces of furniture all because of a single scratch or wrinkle in one tiny corner of them. And thus, the fate that befell my computer desk.

The idea, of course, is always that somehow I will manage to fix it to look as good as new again. That I can tear off the loose edge of the book cover in just such a way as to leave no more loose flaps of paper sticking up to be easily torn further, and then paint over the rough edges or something. That I can remove the protruding thread from my watchband without ever damaging its internal structure. That I can sand the finish off my furniture and then apply new finish which is even better than the old. It's just that in practice, I'm a lot more prone to destroying things than to successfully resurrecting them.

However, there's not a lot to do with my life when my ISP won't let me online, so I finally got around to trying to paint my desk. I'm not exactly sure how it's going so far. I bought a special set of paints that's supposed to produce a shimmery surface that changes color from blue to purple depending on how the light hits it. There's a black base coat, then the shimmery color coat, then the clear glossy finish. I didn't buy enough of it though, so I ran out of black base coat paint before I finished. Then I tried moving on to the color coat on the parts that I had adequately blackened already, but I'm not really sure how well that's progressing either. Apparently it takes a whole lot of coats of this shimmery color before it really becomes at all opaque and ceases to just look like black with a little extremely thin layer of glitter spread on top. I suspect I will be spending a good $60 on paint before I manage to get it to look anything like what I want. Note to self: next time you spontaneously sand the finish off an entire piece of furniture all because of one little scratch or wrinkle, bear in mind that it will take several days of work and $60 of money to ever fix it again.

On the other hand, if I ever do get it to really look like the pictures on the paint can boxes. it'll be far more beautiful than it ever was before, and possibly even almost worth the $60. So, hope for the best, I guess.

Edit, four hours later: Hmm. No matter how many layers of glittery color-changing paint I put over the black base coat, I just don't think this thing is ever going to cease looking, well, very black And I'm not sure that's really what I had in mind. I like for my colors to be more bright and less black. Maybe I'll just paint over the whole thing with plain non-color-changing purple glitter paint. Or something else entirely.
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