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I decided I'm taking Mikie camping at Yosemite National Park on August 24th to 26th. This is because poor deprived Brooklynite Mikie has never been camping in eir life, never seen a waterfall or a forest, never seen a tree trunk wider than a few feet in diameter. It's an appalling shame for anyone to live 21 years without ever seeing these things, and I intend to remedy the situation. The waterfalls will be shallow at this time of year, but at least Nevada-Vernal Falls always has some water in it and that's the one I intend to take Mikie hiking to the top of. (It's almost seven miles of hiking round trip, and the way up is, obviously, uphill; but I did it when I was nine years old and if I could do it then we can both do it now.)

I've been to Yosemite several times before, as have probably every single on of the Northern Californians on my friends list. We Californians are fond of our redwood forests. I pity the deprived New Yorkers of the world.

I have other things to say and I should say them too. But I'm tired and my lunch break is almost over, so I'll just say this: I have some truly lovely friends, and I'm feeling grateful for them. Oh, and there are some other people who used to claim to be my friends in the past who have just turned out to be complete jerks now; but they don't matter, because I do not need complete jerks in my life.
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