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Questions from SWY1974

1. What published writer most accurately represents your views on sexuality in general (not including yourself, of course)?

I think I shall pick . . . Gore Vidal. Not only for the content of what he says, the exact opinions he expresses, but also for the sheer snideness and contempt with which he discusses all attempts to claim that homosexuality and heterosexuality have any inherent existence other than as silly inventions of society which should be done away with immediately.

2. If you had to choose one cause to dedicate your entire focus to (aside from queerbychoice), what would you choose?

I'm not sure how to define the borders between where "one" cause starts and "another" cause begins. Antiwar activism comes to mind, but then, I believe that economics and homophobia and all kinds of things constitute undeclared wars of their own kind.

3. What fictional character do you most strongly identify with?

Wow, great question. Hmm. Quite often I relate primarily to the authors of my favorite novels, more than to any of the characters. This is particularly true of Amy Bloom, Howard Buten, Joanna Russ and Alice Walker. Oh, and do autobiographies count? Because something about Christopher Isherwood's way of talking in his autobiographical writings just somehow made me feel like his personality was similar to mine. But as for relating to actual fictional characters . . . I related a whole lot to Ida in Gertrude Stein's book Ida: A Novel. I probably related more to her character than to any other fictional character, but I found that more than a little odd of me since when I look at the objective facts of her life, she seems like my complete opposite. I mean, Ida's entire life is spent winning beauty contests and marrying a new man every month, moving to a new place every month and not apparently having the slightest interest in maintaining permanent relationships of any kind with anyone or anything. But then, my musical idol is David Bowie, who has had plenty in common with Ida, and yet I manage to relate to him too. I don't know what it is about me that seeks permanence in my own life while somehow relating so strongly to others who seek constant change instead.

Oh, and then there's the guy in one of Kobo Abe's novels who wakes up to find radishes growing out of his legs one day. I relate to him lot too, but only because it's exactly the kind of crazy skin growth that I can totally imagine my own skin inflicting upon me at any moment. :p

4. Do you have pets? Why or why not?

I don't. I've thought often about getting a cat, but I've never yet even managed to keep a plant alive for more than three days at any point in my life, so I'm not sure I'm up for the responsibility of a cat. I mean, at least a cat would meow at me and demand food, unlike the plants, so it'd get my attention and I would manage not to kill it . . . but I might end up terribly annoyed at all the work. Or, really, I might just love it too much and spend all my time petting it and never get anything else done, and maybe I'm terrified of finding at the end of my life that I never did any of the things I wanted to because I got distracted by petting the cat all day instead. I don't know. I might get one. I might not.

5. How would you define "low-maintenance lifestyles"?

What I meant by including it in my interests list was that I don't go out places, I don't tend to demand a lot of attention from people, I stay indoors and I sit alone and I eat the same thing every night because it's cheap and easy to make . . . I don't have a cat because cats require maintenance, and I don't have any plants because plants require maintenance, and I never sweep my kitchen floor or vacuum my carpets because that would be maintenance too. I aim for a pretty minimal level of maintenance.

The Rules of Engagement:
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