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Plane Problems

If all had gone as planned, Mikie would be on a plane at this moment, due to arrive in Sacramento in an hour and a half, and I would be heading for the airport right now to pick em up.

But these things did not go as planned. The aftereffects of the largest power outage in U.S. history caused huge lines at the airport terminal and Mikie could not get to the front of the line before the plane left. The airline gave em a new ticket, but now ey won't arrive until tomorrow afternoon.

It isn't entirely a bad thing; Mikie shall have time to get actual sleep now, and I shall have more time to prepare for eir arrival. I need to buy some camping equipment before next Sunday anyway (flashlight bulbs and mosquito repellent), and now I shall also have time to actually clean my filthy carpet, instead of just scraping the top layer of my hair off the carpet like I did yesterday.

Still. I'm counting down the hours.
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