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Excerpt from _The Golden Notebook_ by Doris Lessing

"An image kept coming into my mind: it was like a shot from a film, then it was as if I was seeing a sequence from a film. A man and a woman, on a roof-top above a busy city, but the noise and the movement of the city are far beneath them. They wander aimlessly on the roof-top, sometimes embracing, but almost experimentally, as if they are thinking: How does this taste - then they separate again and aimlessly move about the roof. Then the man goes to the woman and says: I love you. And she says, in terror: What do you mean? He says: I love you. So she embraces him, and he moves away, with nervous haste, and she says: Why did you say you loved me? And he says: I wanted to hear how it would sound. And she says: But I love you, I love you, I love you - and he goes off to the very edge of the roof and stands there, ready to jump - he will jump if she says even once again: I love you."
Look, it's the story of my relationship with Jeremy!

And he must have jumped, since he's never been seen since.
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