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Mikie, David Bowie & Jonathan Safran Foer

I spent this weekend having a 24-hours-long AIM conversation with Mikie during which we broke up, un-broke up four hours later, ate dinner twice, and brilliantly resolved a great many issues that needed resolving. It was the Conversation to End All Conversations. It was a work of art. I am impressed. I am also, however, walking around today convinced that my watch and my coworkers are conspiring to play some sick joke on me by pretending it's Monday already when I haven't had the correct number of sleep cycles for the weekend to be over yet. It's not even that I'm tired; it's just that it really feels like it should be Sunday now.

On the way to work today a woman in front of me drove her car up onto the sidewalk and knocked over three successive neighbors' garbage cans. It was a strange and disturbing sight and I resolved to put as much distance between my car and that driver as I possibly could in as short a time as possible. I successfully escaped unharmed.

UPS has been attempting to deliver David Bowie's latest album Reality to me since Thursday and they refuse to deliver on evenings or weekends so I'm going to have to drive all the way to the city of West Sacramento (I live in a non-city to the East of Sacramento) to the UPS building there after work today to pick it up from them myself. Perhaps in the future I should not give in to the BowieNet offers to pre-order his albums online; if I have to go pick up the album myself anyway then I'm sure I could find plenty of record stores far closer to my home than West Sacramento.

I've also begun reading the novel Everything Is Illuminated, which I requested and received as a birthday gift after hearing Daphne praise it highly, and then got around to finally reading after Morgan also praised it highly. Currently I'm somewhat confused as to what inspired all the praise though; I can see that the book has technical merits but so far the characters feel a little flat and unbelievable. Then again, I'm only on page 30 so maybe it's too soon to comment on that yet.

Anyone who hasn't seen it yet should really go read "Jesus Doesn't Wear Prada" (which was called to my attention by upsidedownblue) and be very scared now.
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