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David Bowie: Reality

I was just beginning to get used to the idea that spending 75 minutes driving to West Sacramento and back after work every day to try to obtain David Bowie's latest album from UPS and always returning home empty-handed was just going to be a permanent daily occurrence for the rest of my life - but today, on my third attempt to pick it up from them (note: just because UPS has a form on their website for requesting that they hold an item in their offices for you to pick it up, that does not mean the form actually gets read and obeyed instead of just being thrown out) they finally gave it to me!

As I had expected, it's just about as different from and as similar to the preceding album Heathen as Heathen was different from and similar to the preceding album Hours . . . The direction of the difference seems to include more jazz influences than any album since the 1993 soundtrack to The Buddha of Suburbia, and at times the music is old-fashioned to the extent of being outright tacky (but that's okay, he gets away with it because he's David Bowie and so we all know that when he's tacky it's only ever because he intends to be and finds it amusing).

All of the songs are listenable but none of them made me absolutely hold my breath in awe the way "I Would Be Your Slave" on the Heathen album did the first time I heard it. I think the closest one I have to a favorite is the opening track, "New Killer Star."

Oh, and I got curious about what the reviewers are saying, so I ran a search and found this review, which floats a lot of interesting hypotheses but really I think it ends up saying more about the reviewer than about David Bowie. Which seems, however, like the sort of thing that David Bowie would prefer to achieve in the first place.
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