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Bumper Stickers

My recent discovery that my beloved Peace & Freedom Party (a California-only extreme left-wing political party formed during the Vietnam War) has miraculously succeeded in getting itself restored to the California ballot (which it was removed from for not getting enough votes in 1998, and no other party removed from the ballot for two elections in a row had ever succeeded in getting itself reinstated) has made me feel a need to concretely support them somehow. It was an absolutely horrible experience for me to endure two elections without any Peace & Freedom Party candidates to choose from; the only other left-wing party listed on the California ballots is the Green Party and I simply do not feel anywhere near as warmly toward the Green Party as I do toward the Peace & Freedom Party. In the 2000 presidential election I agonized for months over who to vote for, because the Peace & Freedom Party hadn't bothered running a candidate since they'd been removed from the ballot, and I simply didn't like Ralph Nader enough to be able to bring myself to vote for him. Nor did I like Al Gore enough to be able to bring myself to vote for him either. So I ended up resorting to a write-in candidate, David McReynolds from the Democratic Socialists Party, but I know perfectly well that nobody even bothers tallying up write-in votes, so it felt the same as being denied any vote at all. It is an immense joy to me to have the Peace & Freedom Party restored to its place on the California ballots again, so that I once again have the opportunity in every election to always get to vote for somebody I actually like, even if I know they're not going to win. And I feel guilty that I wasn't one of the people who really did much to help get the Peace & Freedom Party restored to the ballot, so I feel a need to do concrete things to support them more now that they're back.

The two most obvious methods of supporting them are to change my voter registration to list my party affiliation as the Peace & Freedom Party, and to vote for their candidates, because both the number of registered voters they get and the number of votes their candidates get are taken into consideration when determining whether they remain listed on the California ballot. And so I have given a great deal of consideration to switching my party registration from Democrat to Peace & Freedom, but that would prevent me from voting in the Democratic primaries and I really feel it's rather important to me to be able to do that. As for voting for their candidates, I'm sure I will do plenty of that because I already did vote for them rather more often than I voted for Democrats back before they were removed; but that wasn't enough to prevent them from getting removed, and in the most immediately upcoming election (the recall election) I'm not even sure I'll be doing that much.

So I was thinking about ways to do more than that, and one of the things that occurred to me was to get a Peace & Freedom Party bumper sticker for my car. I searched the internet, however, and the Peace & Freedom Party does not seem to have any bumper stickers. They do have a logo though; perhaps I'll just make my own Peace & Freedom Party bumper sticker. Perhaps I can even set them up with a way of selling Peace & Freedom Party bumper stickers to others; I've made arrangements with online places to sell queer by choice merchandise before (there's a queer by choice pin I designed being sold for $1.00 in the next-to-last row on the bottom of this page).

Currently my car's bumper contains a long narrow rainbow stripe bumper sticker across the top, and one bumper sticker centered underneath it that says: "You measure democracy by the freedom it gives its dissidents, not the freedom it gives its assimilated conformists." - Abbie Hoffman. If I added a new bumper sticker I would want to add more than one, because I have a thing for symmetry. And then I got a catalog in the mail from Northern Sun and I was looking through their bumper stickers, and then I decided I need your help narrowing the choices down.

Poll #185108 Bumper Stickers

Which bumper stickers should I add to my car? Pick no more than two.

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