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What I Did Last Night/What I Read at Lunch Today

I'm running on far too little sleep today - about three hours - but I had a very pleasant evening sewing last night. I purchased three yards of The Most Beautiful Fabric on Earth, then came home and started sewing a skirt out of the previous fabric I'd purchased, leaving the new one to be thought over longer. I have not become good at sewing since buying the sewing machine early this past summer, but at least I have mastered the skill of threading the sewing machine's needle and winding the bobbin. As long as I somehow contrive to avoid ever needing zippers or buttonholes in anything I can pretty much manage.

I would like to point out a very very well-written post about abusive relationships recently written by althaea, which a great many other people found sooner than I did and linked to already, resulting in several hundred comments.
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