Gayle Madwin (queerbychoice) wrote,
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Suddenly I Hate Ian McEwan

Sometimes I hate books. Don't ever read Ian McEwan's Atonement. I'm serious. I loved every other book I ever read by him and believed he was incapable of writing one I wouldn't love - and it's not that this one is at all lacking in writing skills either. But it's torture and horrifyingness nonstop from start to finish! It's 175 pages of watching a train wreck about to happen in excruciatingly slow motion knowing the whole time that it's going to be horrific yet being helpless to save any of the people, and the next 176 pages after the train wreck has already happened don't get any less miserable! I hate this book! I think I should burn it just to make sure I never accidentally read it again! This book attacked me violently and beat me up and it is a danger to society and I do not want it in my home!

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