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New Computer!

Ten seconds ago I bought myself a new computer. For $682.62. Except I don't even get to actually use it until it gets delivered, which may not be for a week or so, and when it does arrive I'm almost certainly going to have to drive all the way to West Sacramento again to pick it up because UPS is so uncooperative.

However. New computers are good, especially when my existing one was a college graduation gift from my parents in 1998 and boasts an impressive 3.2GB hard drive with Pentium 233 MHz Processor and 32MB RAM.

The new one has a 120GB hard drive. Yes, that's 37 and a half times as big as my existing one. Plus Pentium 4 2.66GHz processor, 512MB RAM, CD-RW Drive and DVD-ROM. (dragkingvenus, I actually consulted your description of your new computer and purposely tried to find a better one. :p )

Now all I have to do is wait for it to get delivered. And observe the shrinkage of my bank account. But that is okay. I am still pleased.

Weirdly, the most immediate issue that prompted my purchase was, of all things, the fact that my optical mouse isn't working right. And yes, I do know that buying a new computer when it's the mouse that's broken and not the computer is totally nonsensical. But somehow, just the fact of anything computer-related having problems caused me to desire to replace the whole thing. It was ancient anyway, and I've known for a while that I needed to replace it one of these days.
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