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Request for Affidavits Swearing Self-Love

My ISP, BowieNet, wouldn't let me online for the longest time after I got home today and after a while I finally gave up and fell asleep. An hour or so later I woke up in a panic having no idea whether it was 7:55 p.m. or 7:55 a.m. and thus no idea whether I was about to be late for work or not. A little research eventually revealed that it was 7:55 p.m., so I calmed down and got online. But I'm awfully tired lately so I didn't accomplish much. I spent an hour or two chatting with Rainbowed Melanie, though. She informed me that she's female.
QBC 101: what do you think of having been perceived as a male for two months?
littlest boho: *scratches balls* eh. im fine
littlest boho: whats so fucking boyish about me?
So that was fun. Oh, and I bought a newspaper too. There's a newspaper stand out by the apartment complex mailboxes and every day for two and a half years I've knelt down by it and read the parts of the top front page story that were visible through the glass, but I've never bought a newspaper until today. Today I sacrificed 50 cents for a newspaper because they hinted at some new developments in the tracking-down-the-terrorists thing that I actually hadn't heard about online already. As it turned out though, there wasn't much more to read beyond what I saw through the glass anyway. But I'm very interested in how they'd apparently planned to hijack more planes than they actually had time to. I'd already expected that there weren't a whole lot of people in on the terrorism plans since they needed to keep it top secret and apparently succeeded at keeping it top secret; but the idea that they didn't foresee the news getting out in time to stop their later hijacking plans (both in terms of people fighting back on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, and in terms of the fighter jets being sent to shoot down planes, and in terms of all the planes in the U.S. being immediately grounded) makes me think this was a smaller, less professional operation than ever. If they had a large group of professional terrorists planning this out thoroughly, they should have been able to realize that everything would have to happen almost simultaneously, and instead of apparently planning to keep hijacking more and more planes from the east coast all morning, they would have had more success if they'd stationed those members of their group on eastward-bound flights from the west coast, and then turned those flights around and crashed them into tall buildings in Los Angeles and San Francisco (or even my city, Sacramento - though I think Sacramento is a little too small of bait to be a high priority target for them, and our tallest buildings here aren't much more than 20 floors anyway).

Obviously I'm glad they didn't do this; I'm just surprised that they didn't think of it since it would probably have enabled them to kill more people. The fact that they apparently didn't think of it makes me suspect that this group of terrorists wasn't really the very well organized or smart group of terrorists they're being portrayed as. I mean, everybody wants to think that only a really exceptionally smart huge group of terrorists could have managed to do this much damage, but is that true? They seem to have been smart about some things yet rather stupid about others. Another example of their stupidity: two people from TWA Flight 679, who had apparently planned on hijacking it but were prevented when all flights were ordered to be grounded, were arrested on an Amtrak train in Fort Worth, Texas, "after a routine drug search discovered box cutters, about $5,000, and hair dye in their belongings." Why the hell didn't they find some way to get rid of the box cutters immediately? Toss them out a train window, whatever was handy - they had to know how incredibly stupid it would be to get caught with box cutters still among their luggage.

I don't understand people. I mean, I hardly understand anyone, and I haven't for years. The majority of people on earth are unbelievably stupid, and an even huger majority have un-fucking-believably horrible mental health, and pass their days in a haze of self-hatred and self-poisoning (drugs) and every other form of self-injury imaginable. People actually kill themselves for the sake of killing 4,000 other people. But you know, I look around on LiveJournal hoping to meet some new friends and all I see for miles around is people who are so deeply into the self-hatred/self-injury thing that I wonder why the terrorists ever thought Americans needed any help to kill ourselves.

Love yourselves, damn it.

The more violence and hatred any people put into the world, the harder it becomes for anybody else to be happy. If you put your energy into hating and abusing yourself, you're making those who care about you unhappy. I need to know that my friends
take good care of themselves.

I want every person on my friends list who possibly can to inform me honestly in a comment here that you love yourself, you like yourself very much, you're proud of yourself and you promise you'll never hate yourself or hurt yourself or either physically or psychologically abuse yourself. Then I want you all to spend an hour in a quiet place just telling yourself how much you love yourself.

I want every random stranger who reads this entry to do the same.

Maybe if people would start living their own lives more happily, they'd start having more respect for other people's lives too.
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