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Miscellaneous Personal Announcements

1. I have fallen in love with Nadine.

2. If I can't even get one single person to respond to my plea for pledges of self-love (two entries back), I shall go into total hibernation for the rest of the winter out of inability to face such a depressing world. Somebody please come through and salvage my sanity.

3. Q is an extremely interesting recent addition to my friends list. Everybody should go visit him. For some reason, though, all comments exchanged between him and me so far have been about sex; so next time you want to have an interesting discussion about your sexual habits, be sure to invite him, or you'll miss out on a lot. (And please invite me too, because if I can't participate in it at least I should get to talk about it sometimes.)

4. My mailbox is full of about 6 unread comments from Brenna, who I've been having a somewhat argumentative discussion with about pacifism. Brenna, I haven't read any of your latest comments yet because I haven't had the energy yet. I'll get around to it by the weekend though; I haven't forgotten. I just needed a few days' rest.

5. Since every single radio station except one on the entire FM dial is devoting their morning show to ridiculing and viciously condemning pacifists, I've now been reduced to listening to the same radio station I used to when I was twelve. It's easy listening, lots of Dan Fogelberg and Alan Parsons. It's getting a bit too much for me but you have no idea how hard it is to work on the extraordinarily monotonous task I've been assigned to at work this week unless I have some kind of noise to distract me from it. And see, this particular radio station doesn't have a morning show at all, they just play music and nothing else, and Dan Fogelberg and Alan Parsons never insult me. (They merely nauseate me a bit, when I'm exposed to such prolonged doses as this.)
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