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Darth Vader Has Bought Out My Apartment Complex


So yesterday when I was getting my mail from my neatly numbered little brass mailbox outside the rental office, I happened to notice a sign saying "Mailboxes will be painted Thursday afternoon." I thought this was a little odd since the mailboxes are metal and there's no apparent reason why the metal should be covered up with paint. But I just calmly got my mail anyway and went about my day as usual.

Today I came home and had forgotten all about the sign until I turned the corner and caught sight of the mailboxes. Every single one of them has been painted over in solid shiny black. I walked into the mailbox area and was surrounded on all sides by rows and rows of shiny black metal boxes, like the Borg had set up home there or Darth Vader had turned the mailbox area into his home.

I already knew that whoever chooses color schemes for this apartment complex was insane, because of the purple trim the place had when I moved in (they've since painted over that, alas - half the reason I moved in was for the fun of living in a place that camp looking) and the fluorescent green front doors they gave us all last year (we're still stuck with those and yes, it is freaky looking). But every time they paint something new, the effect just keeps getting stranger.
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