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Everybody's already heard about that whole annoying trend of communities like newnonuglies and nonuglygays and nonuglylesbians, right? Where entire communities are devoted to people submitting photographs of each other and other people voting on whether those people are "ugly" or not, and it's just the absolute extremes of everything shallow and degrading?

Yes, okay. But now I have discovered that there's also a community called unatraktiv, where people voluntarily submit pictures of themselves and compete to try to get voted "ugly," and they apparently get very upset and offended if other people refuse to call them ugly and tell them they're too attractive to be allowed into the community.

Also, everyone in it looks like they're probably totally conventionally physically attractive if they'd just stop making weird faces at the camera. But I guess it'd hurt their feelings if I told them that.

People are just strange.
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