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Am I Canadian?

A few minutes ago a Canadian member of my Queerchoice Mailing List emailed me to ask if I'm secretly a closet Canadian because the pacifist opinions I expressed sounded very Canadian to him. This is what I wrote back:
"Well, my little brother has claimed for years that he's a Canadian, ever since he was about 5 years old in fact, and now he's 21. Personally, I was never satisfied enough with Canada and I insisted instead, ever since *I* was about 5 years old, that I'm from the planet Pluto. But hey, my brother and I were born in the same hospital so I guess if he's Canadian then I must be Canadian too. Or maybe we're both right, and we're both Canadian AND from the planet Pluto, and Canada is actually located ON the planet Pluto.

For the record, I really have absolutely no idea why my brother has always claimed to be Canadian; he's just kind of weird that way. And he likes red maple leaves, I think."
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