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U.S. Democratic Primary: My Endorsement

Everyone on my LJ friends list has been enthusiastically supporting either Dennis Kucinich, Howard Dean, or no one whatsoever. I did hear two voices raised in extremely quiet, tentative support of Carol Moseley-Braun the day she dropped out of the race, but I heard no support whatsoever for anybody who's actually still in the race except for Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean.

In case you haven't noticed, I've been one of those who has no enthusiasm for any of them. I haven't picked a candidate to support because, frankly, I found the whole lot of them disappointing. However, receiving my ballot in the mail a few days ago has brought home to me the necessity of picking one anyway. (Yes, I know I could just not vote at all, but then my views would be easily dismissed as "too lazy to bother voting," and it's important to me for the candidates to know that I did bother voting and simply found them inadequate.) So I took the quiz at Vote by to help me decide: the quiz gives you statements by all the candidates but removes the candidates' names, and makes you pick a favorite just based on the words they said, without knowing who said what.

Anyway, on the completely overwhelming majority of issues, I picked Dennis Kucinich as my favorite. I didn't pick Howard Dean as my favorite on anything whatsoever, nor is he anywhere near my second favorite in most categories, whereas Kucinich is my second favorite in most of the issues where he wasn't my very favorite. All of which is to say: I'm pretty sure I've finally decided who to vote for. Was anyone waiting anxiously to find out which candidate the all-important Gayle Madwin endorsement would go to? Probably not. But nonetheless: I am now officially endorsing Dennis Kucinich. I have made my decision at last.

Naturally, Howard Dean's biggest fangirl frankepi will be immensely annoyed at me for that, and will repeat to me the major argument that Howard Dean's supporters seem to use against Dennis Kucinich's: that Dennis Kucinich "isn't electable." Yeah, well, that's the exact same argument that the Al Gore people used against you Ralph Nader voters in the 2000 election, and it didn't impress you then, did it? It doesn't impress me now either. The only way that the Democratic Party can be swayed to the left is if the left-wing voters refuse to vote for Democratic candidates who are annoyingly far to the right - which, despite all his noisy posturing and claims to the contrary, Howard Dean's actual record as governor of Vermont, and even most of his concrete policy positions voiced during the current campaign, indicate to me that he is.

I also found the website Why I'm Voting for Kucinich Over Dean to be very much to the point.
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