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David Bowie

I first became a David Bowie fanatic in August 1993, the summer before my senior year in high school. Despite numerous failed attempts, however, it took me until August 2002 to actually manage to see him in concert (in Mountain View, California, a three-hour drive away). Since it had taken me so long to get to see him the first time, I wasn't terribly surprised when the concert dates announced for his current tour didn't include any locations closer to me than an eight-hour drive away. I resigned myself to not getting to see him again anytime soon.

However, a few days ago he made a surprise announcement that he was adding more concert dates to his tour than had originally been planned. As a result, I have acquired tickets to see him again on April 16th in Berkeley (only around a two-hour drive this time!).

I just received the email confirmation that my ticket has been printed now. This makes me happy.
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