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Rape Trauma Website

I've just discovered (via chaiwala), a collection of writings by rape victims about being raped. Although I expect it does the victims good to write and read about it, I was also reading them partly to speculate about what effect these writings would have on an actual rapist. I suspect there's a certain segment of the rapist population that would probably just get off on reading them and laugh and say how silly it was for the victims to make such a fuss and get all upset over it. However, I also think there's another segment of the rapist population that doesn't think of what they've done as being rape that might really benefit from reading how badly the things they've done or might have felt free to do in the future can really hurt people. Of course, rapists are probably not highly likely to click on links like this in the first place, but I decided to try to promote the link anyway.

Also, all of the stories I saw were about females raped by males, even though I can't find anything specifically stating that they intended to limit their collection to that, and in fact their homepage addresses male rape victims also. Is it just that no males have submitted any stories to them yet? Why is that? Are there so many fewer males who've been raped than females that the collection is just still too small for any males who've been raped to have gotten around to submitting stories yet, or are males specifically deciding not to submit stories because they feel like it's supposed to be a female-only page? Personally, I'd prefer to see a collection that included all possible gender combinations, in whatever proportions rapes generally occur in.
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