Gayle Madwin (queerbychoice) wrote,
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Queer Surge Protectors

Hee, I was just assigned to look through a catalog of office products and came across this:

Yes, I need a queer surge protector! Considering all the heterosexist labeling of plugs and the sockets they fit into as being "male" or "female," and the accompanying implication that actual male and female human parts simply "don't work together" just like the plug and socket parts labeled "male" and "female" don't work together, it's really very important for surge protectors to start coming out as queer. Just wait till they start throwing huge surge protector pride parades.

This surge protector is not, in fact, actually being officially marketed as a queer surge protector. But it's perfectly obvious that some queer surge protector designer slyly slipped it past the heterosexual product approvers without telling them what it looks like.
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