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We're having our biggest storm of the year. According to, it's currently 52°F, Light Rain and Wind from the Southeast at 49 gusting to 64 mph. The emphasis here needs to be on the wind: half an hour ago, a huge gigantic redwood tree planted about five feet from my office building was uprooted by the wind and toppled over into the parking lot. By some absolute miracle it managed to land neither on our roof nor on any cars, even though it's currently lying stretched across several dozen parking spaces that quite often do have cars parked in them. I used to park in one of those spaces quite frequently myself, though I haven't tended to do so lately. Anyway, now all you can see out of every single window down that whole side of my office building is redwood branches pressed up against the glass. The tree is longer than our building and is lying exactly parallel to it.

My apartment happens to be completely surrounded by redwood trees of the exact same height, width, and type (coastal) as the one that fell. I hope I still have a home when I get home tonight.

There've been several more deafening thuds just in the short time since the tree by our office fell, and one of those thuds was immediately followed by the power going out. Actually, I'd just finished typing this entry and was mere seconds away from clicking the "post" button when the power went out, so now I've had to retype it. This time I will click faster.
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