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Do You Take This Dog to Be Your Wedded Husband?

You know the old line the homophobes like to use about how if same-sex marriages are allowed, people marrying their pets will come next? Well, people have already married their pets, and it didn't happen in any of the most queer-friendly countries. According to the last line in this Reuters article about a grandmother and her grandson marrying each other, "Last June, a nine-year-old Indian girl was married to a dog near Calcutta after a priest told her parents the wedding would ward off evil."

The world didn't explode, either. And unlike most weddings involving nine-year-old brides, I really doubt that this one has inflicted any terrible harm on the nine-year-old girl - nor on the dog. The dog isn't likely to ever even realize it's married, and the girl will be widowed by the time she's grown up, and thereby free to marry a human next time around.

[Actually, she'd be free to marry a human anyway - my friend oyarsa from India assures me that although Hindu priests have been known to marry people to trees as well, these wedding ceremonies have no legal standing and are just intended to ward off bad spirits.]
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