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My First LiveJournal Entry (TM)

Hmm. I really don't think of myself as a journalling person, but I got so intrigued by the mood icons on other people's journals that I just had to get some for myself, and the logical way to do that was by getting myself a journal. I suspect I will not write in it very regularly, but we'll see.

I feel like I should give some kind of introduction in my first entry, but I don't feel like writing anything new so I'll just copy over or paraphrase a few paragraphs from my personal homepage.

I am the genderfree entity known on the internet simply as QueerByChoice. I am also the founder of the Queerchoice Mailing List, which now has 120 members, and I am the proud owner of the website both of which I'm better known by the name of Gayle Madwin. It is not my real name. I also possess two symmetrically gendered names: Cyrus and Cynthia, which I occasionally adopt when I want or need to assume a particular gender. I have kept my biological sex a secret online since March 1999 (before then I was online in gendered form under a different name). Several months ago I was interviewed on a radio show about choosing to be queer, which I expected would have revealed my biological sex by now (since my voice is recognizably gendered), but for the sake of gaining radio publicity I was willing to make that trade-off. However, the program still hasn't aired yet, so I'm beginning to wonder if it ever will.

I converted to queerness on April 8th, 1992, at age 15—you can read about my conversion in my Queerchoice Member Profile. I celebrate my rebirthday every year - and it's been nine years now.

I am now 24 years old, due to turn 25 in a few weeks. (I was born July 20, 1976, on the exact day and year that Viking landed on Mars to search for alien life. I have sometimes been known to remark that they were looking in the wrong place, since I was busy emerging on Earth.)

I'm currently sexually oriented toward queer by choice androgyne geniuses who read a lot, care about the world, appreciate their own beauty, don't believe in religion or sociobiology, and don't mind if I make them listen to David Bowie a minimum of 25 hours per day.

I live alone, in a studio apartment which is always dark, partly because I'm too lazy to open the blinds (and I'm not chemically dependent on sunshine like a lot of people are) and partly because keeping the blinds closed is a necessary prerequisite to legally getting away with walking around naked all day, as I'm rather fond of doing - partly because nakedness saves me trouble on laundry, partly because nakedness still gives me that delicious thrill of rebellion, and partly because California is just too damn hot in the summertime.

The thrill of rebellion is probably the main reason, though. I have to do something to make myself feel rebellious now and then, to distract myself from how frighteningly Amish-like I really am. I haven't had sex since 1997, and I hardly had any before then either. I've kissed two people in my life. I've never touched alcohol (not even on my 21st birthday) and don't even do caffeine, much less other drugs. And although I own a TV, I never turn it on more than four or five times a year (I wouldn't have bought one in fact, but it was given to me as a gift). I never see movies either. It's been probably four years since I last saw a movie. The Amish would approve of that too.

So my predominant characteristic is Not Having Done Anything. I have an amazing talent for that. It saves a lot of trouble, though. It's a very low-stress life.

I spend nearly all of my free time online. But when I'm not working, sleeping, or online, I'm usually reading. My reading materials say a lot about me. For a completely random, totally honest glimpse into my life, check out all the books between "G" and "M" on my bookshelves.

P.S. Why does the LiveJournal spell check program tell me that "saves" is not a real word?
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